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By default we use 5 for half life of growth (10 years), 2% for stable growth and 10% for cost of equity. Change any values for a new valuation.

H Model Information

The H-Model equation is:

Stock value = (DPS * (1+gL)) + (DPS * H * (gS-gL)) divided by (r-gL)

DPS = current dividends per share
H = half-life of extraordinary growth
r = Cost of Equity
gL = Stable growth rate
gS = Initial high growth rate
The "H-Model" is based on the principles of the dividend discount model, which states that the value of a stock is the present value of its future dividend payments, discounted at the company's cost of equity. Note the calculators automated results on this site are based on the accuracy of online figures which may not be correct. Do you own research and confirm data validity.