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Weekend reading: Winging it when it comes to the economy

What caught my eye this week. Right now it can be hard to picture the economic damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We know it’s bad. The leading indicators – joblessness, factory orders, early GDP reports – tell us that. But the full impact is being softened by government and central bank countermeasures. Also, the […]

The revenge of the latte factor

Is it worth giving up coffee for a million pounds? The latte factor claims it's your decision to make…

Salary sacrifice: the downsides in a crisis

Do you need to cut back on your salary sacrifice tax breaks? You may well do if your scheme exposes you to a slew of benefit-slashing side-effects.

Weekend reading: Would you lend yourself money in an emergency?

A simple way to lend money to yourself to get around a mental hangup, plus the rest of the week's good reads…

Get out of debt to unleash your inner money maker

There are huge immediate financial rewards from getting out of debt, but the mental pay-off may be even greater.

The stock market is wilder than you think

A surprising chart shows us that the stock market is often more savage than the history books suggest.

Dividend Growth Investor

Disney's Dividend Suspension Increased My Dividend Income

Earlier this month, Walt Disney (DIS) suspended dividends for the first half of 2020. The company had just become a dividend achiever and had a ten year history of annual dividend increases under its belt. I viewed it as a great brand, with a strong moat and as a buy and hold forever type of a company. However, I also have a strategy that helps me avoid big mistakes and manage risk. In...

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Seven Dividend Growth Stocks Rewarding Shareholders With Raises

As part of my review process, I monitor the list of dividend increases every week. I use several different resources to come up with a list of dividend increases for the week. I then narrow the list down to include only these companies that have a minimum streak of annual dividend increases. In this case, I focus on companies that raised dividends for at least a decade. There were seven dividend...

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Dividend Increases Outpace Dividend Cuts in 2020

It has been a turbulent five months since the beginning of the year. The Corona-virus has swept the world, leading to millions of infections, and tens of thousands of people dying from the virus. A large part of the developed world is on a  government imposed lock-down, which has devastated economic output, and led to high unemployment in the US. Last month, I shared my thoughts on the...

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Money Bulldog

4Paws Pet Insurance Review

In this 4Paws pet insurance review, we look at what the company has to offer pet owners like us. We’ll see what types of cover 4Paws* offer, as well as what levels of cover they have available. Then we’ll take a look at some of the vet fee limits and explain how their different policies

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Snoop Review: An App That Wants to Save You Money

The idea of using the latest technology to save some money is pretty tempting, but how can it be done? It might be that the newly launched Snoop app helps us to do this with little or no little effort. It is a mobile app that is said to work around the clock to save

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Free 24HR Pet Careline For ALL UK PET OWNERS

The Coronavirus crisis has made things difficult for pet owners needing a health check for their pet. Many veterinary practices are now having to offer reduced services and treatments, with some only offering emergency care. This has left pet owners with general pet health concerns worried and confused. For this reason, pet insurance provider Scratch

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